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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  July 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning everybody. this is tuesday, july 19. >> we will begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's go to meteorologist adam caskey. it will be another hot and muggy day. some severe thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and this morning we already have some showers on the radar screen in western maryland. moderate to heavy rain in western maryland is pushing south. mostly cloudy skies to start our day. highs will be in the mid 90's today and muggier out there with the heat feeling like 100.
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some storms could become severe later today. 101 degrees by friday. we are following breaking news -- part of route 29 is closed. there was an overnight crash involving a police officer then we go to silver spring live. good morning. here at sligo creek parkway and car -- and colesville parkway is we're route 29 is shut down. that section of 29 is closed in both directions. they are working to determine exactly what happened overnight. authorities say at midnight last night a police officer responded to recall and that is when another vehicle struck a police cruiser.
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police say that both the police officer and a two people in that car were taken to the hospital, suffering non-life threatening injuries. the cause of this remains under investigation at this time. because of the accident reconstruction team being out there, the road continues to be shut down. it will cost some back up here. authorities tell us that if this is part of your normal route find an alternate route to get to your destination. we're already starting to see some delays. >> idea. >> go to oscar wilson with the rest -- the rest of traffic. colesville road is still shut down.
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if you going 95 northbound, that is slow at the occoquan. 66 he spent that 234 is slowing and again from route 29 in centreville. we have some road construction. if you're going into the district, new york avenue in found that the third street tunnel has slowed traffic as well. >> thank you so much. in northwest washington, police are investigating a deadly overnight shooting. a man was shot in the head and he died at the scene. police have no suspect or a motive. we are following the unrelenting heat wave making headlines across the nation. temperatures across the nation
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will go well past the 100-degree mark. at home, the worst is yet to come. >> jummy olabanji is live in northwest. good morning it is already 81 degrees here at dupont circle as people are getting off the metro. everyone is in short sleeves to try to beat the heat. across the country we noticed that our area is not as bad as other places. >>at this hardware store in arlington the heat is so intense that people are trying to stay cool however they can. >>the hundred days are to come. it has been in the mid 90's, but by thursday it will be 100 degrees. >> i'm thinking of taking
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another shot or. >>shower. >> in the midwest he warnings and advisories are affecting many states. the heat had 119 degrees in minnesota yesterday. it was 126 degrees in iowa. they are dumping blocks of ice into pools. many of the people in dupont circle are carrying water. officials are asking everyone to make sure they stay hydrated and stay indoors it possible. >> good advice, the worst is yet to come. another giant dust cloud appeared last night. the storm cleared out but it was
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not as dangerous as another to a storm earlier this month that knocked out power. the u.s. is now just two weeks away from default. lawmakers are searching for common ground to solve the nation's debt. they will look at a tea party plan today. that would include 2.4 troop -- $2.40 trillion in cuts. it is based on having a balanced budget amendment. in the day ahead, the loudoun county board of supervisors is expected to vote and a plan that could lower the cost of the dulles rail projects. it would require the airport authority to support an above- ground station. it would require loudoun county intercounty to support some of
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the cost. the guardian angels are taking action in the case a man holding a runners on the chart control them. officers say if you see someone suspicious, contact police. >> the time -- it is 76 degrees at 6:07. >> will be toasted out there. still ahead, the nfl locker could be over as soon as tomorrow. >> plus the first step on a long flight from [ male announcer
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>> we are from charles county, maryland. our experiment is flying on the space shuttle atlantis. good morning, washington. ♪ >> there are some areas of rain for the west of the metro. it is just nosing into parts of winchester. it is moving south toward but most of the action is in two parts of north and central west virginia.
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otherwise, it is warm and muggy in the metro area. 79 degrees in the district. 73 in gaithersburg. cumberland is 79 degrees. hot muggy today but the heat will intensify toward the end of the week. some of the storms could intensify after lunch time. we still have the shutdown on colesville road and sligo creek parkway. that happened about midnight last night, the incident that involved a police officer -- a police cruiser. let's go over to the springfield
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interchange. we've got slow traffic on 95 northbound. in virginia, 66 he spend in manassas will be slow and slow again 29-28 in centreville. >> a few trouble spots out there. the time is 6:12. >> coming up, disappointing new chapter for borders. the book chain is going out of business. >>
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>> welcome back. part of route 29 in silver
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spring could be closed for several hours while police investigate an overnight crash. a police officer collided with another car at sligo creek parkway. two people suffered non- threatening -- non-life- threatening injuries. d.c. mayor vincent gray is defending himself against new allegations. his campaign accepted cash and donations above the legal limit.
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it says his campaign workers improperly exchanged that cash or money orders which carry a higher donation limit. the workers reported the money order donations and not the cash. trooper murdoch will be in the hot seat today -- rupert murdoch will be on the hot seat and his son will be facing parliament today. ben eisler is following the latest. >> the british lawmakers will look at some serious allegations that folks at a news corp. tablet packed the phone to celebrities, crime victims politicians, and members of the royal family. rupert murdoch prepared for his testimony yesterday. in 50 months, prime minister david cameron had 26 meetings with -- in 15 months, prime mr. david cameron had 26 meetings
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with news corp.. he cut his trip to africa short. james m. murdock is also in trouble after admitting he paid $1 million to a soccer star whose farm was illegally pact. >> there was a particular settlement that i authorized and i said was made with information that was not right. i acted on the advice of executives and lawyers and that is a matter of regret retreat will regret for me personally been a prominent member of the independent news corp. board yesterday, and supported top management. a man who helped blow the whistle on the scandal was found dead in his home. it is not currently believed to be suspicious. the space shuttle program is one step closer to entering the history books. atlantis is heading back to earth after a formal visit to
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the international space station. >> atlantis weighs anchor from the international space center for the last time it left the space station early this morning after dropping off supplies. the orbiting complex was rotated to provide never before seen views. atlantis is scheduled to land in florida early. why is not the best time to buy gold, small cars, or books. >> peggy bunker explains. the price of gold is at an all-time high. gold is now $1,600 per ounce as investors worry about the debt crisis here and in europe. analysts said the price will continue to go up. the final chapter for borders is no storybook ending. no one was interested in buying the bookstore chain so borders could begin closing stores as soon as friday. the company has almost 11,000
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employees. gas prices are rising again up 4 cents in the last week. analysts said that as a trend that is likely to continue until columbus day. gas prices will not rise that quickly if it is a constellation. new and used prices are expected to come down this fall on small cars as drivers are looking at bigger cars in dealer inventories are back up. >> 6:18 is your time. let's look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we have some activity outside right now in western maryland and west virginia. it will hit us local it later on today. the big headline is the heat especially by the end of the week where we are talking triple digit temperatures. look at the sky conditions early this morning at arlington this is a time lapse of the sunrise. you cannot see much of the sun because of the cloud cover.
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the orange dots on the left side of this screen actually is the son. sun. the rain is moving to west virginia. we have some areas of light rain. the atmosphere to the west, west of i-81 is where the atmosphere is unstable and is conducive for some thunderstorms. locally, we are very stable. but by this afternoon that will be in our atmosphere. we will get those thunderstorms even shortly after lunch time. that light agreed to showing the light rain. to the northwest we have a more moderate rate in cumberland into romney. 79 degrees in the district, a very warm start to the day and muggy as well.
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mid 90's this afternoon but scattered storms that began shortly after lunch time and through the drive home and towards bedtime a few lingering storms. not everyone will get the stores but we all have the chance. the storms that pop up, some of them could be severe with gusty winds and possibly large hill. 101 degrees for the high temperature by friday. it will feel like 112 when you factor in the heat index. it looks like we still have colesville road closed in both directions inleyden avenue and -- between layden avenue and sligo creek parkway. 95 traffic is flowing between the beltway and seminary rd. in virginia. expect delays if you're heading
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there. he should expect delays if you are going up 95. things are slowing between occoquan and as you get from lorton to knowing tinbergenewinmngton. >> up next, simple solutions that could protect you from the risk associated with alzheimer's disease. >> later today on oprah a visit from an old friend, dr. fell at 4:00at
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>> houston has the worst record in baseball and the nationals are back at 500 after a 5-2 win last night. there were home runs for the nationals and the pitcher with eight strong innings. the two play again tonight. a new study says millions of alzheimer's patients could be prevented. it could curb risk factors like blood pressure, smoking, and obesity. these conditions account for half of the world's 35 million alzheimer's cases. there is no cure for treatment to reverse the disease. what people post on twitter about their health as providing
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new revelations for researchers. >> scientists at johns hopkins filtered through more than two billion tweets and i found that 1.5 million of them are related to health. they are using twitter to track what people say about their health. >> we know that people are using benigno to treat allergies but they are also using it to treat it in some of them this information can help experts clear up some widespread misconceptions and taylor messages to what people are treating about. >> it is 6:25 and they're still another half an hour. >> are you ready for football? the four-month long lockout could be over in just a matter of days. >> plus, an accident involving a police officer shot down by section of a major thoroughfare
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in montgomery county. we will have that story coming up. >> some action on the radar screen early this morning west of the metro area and that is the start. i would back to start [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulacoons.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> we will see highs in the upper 90's. >> but straight ahead crippling he takes hold of the nation's midsection and for the washington region, it seems the worst is yet to come. good morning washington, it is tuesday july 19. thank >> use a much for waking up with us. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we've got the heat and the thunderstorms?
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is, the heat is the big headline. for today, one of the headlines is the chance of thunderstorms not just in the thunderstorm outside right now there are areas of it is mainly in west virginia. even in frederick county, virginia is getting clipped this morning. this is moving north to south and most of that action will be in south central west virginia. cumberland and west, that is where we have moderate rain showers and it is drifting south through garrett county toward romney west virginia. temperatures are in the 70's. 79 downtown. 95 will be the high temperature later today with scattered storms this afternoon some of which could be severe with gusty winds and potentially large hail. 101 for the high temperature by friday triple digit heat to
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ground out the work week. we are following breaking news this morning out of silver spring or section of route 29 to shut down while police investigate and overnight crash involving one of their own. >> brianne carter is live on the scene. good morning the road at colesville road and sligo creek park way intersection is shut down at this hour in both directions up to indian spring along route 29. police are directing traffic trying to mitigate any problems that might arise as we had further into the morning rush. take a look at this police car that is one of the vehicles that was involved in this accident that happened around midnight. the story said a police officer was responding to recall when he was struck by another vehicle. the other vehicle is now up on the curb. police tell us that both the
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police officer and two other people in that other vehicles were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the nature of the call for the cause of the accident are still unknown at this time. this section between sligo creek parkway and indian springs along colesville road is still shut down. the accident reconstruction team is still out here trying to determine what led to all of this. people are being rerouted through the never to get around this. that could cause some delays in the morning rush. >> thank you. colesville road is not the only trouble spot. that's right we have a few troublespots -- 395 northbound after the beltway is slowing so you can expect a slow ride. watch out as you go up that stretch. they still have colesville road
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closed but it is closed to the beltway. let's take a look at the springfield camera. you can thing -- you can see things are slowing up there. it is slowing from the occoquan into newington. >> thank you so much. let's turn to a developing story from london. . rupert murdoch will face tough questions from british lawmakers about the phone hacking scandal engulfing his british newspapers. his son james and rebecca brooks are expected to testify at today's hearing. the debt talks continued daily in this set is giving up hope. >> democrats and republicans seem to have made little progress in getting over their obstacles. the house could vote on a republican plan as soon as today. >> after another day of debt
6:34 am
talks and no deal, there was an unmistakable message. stocks tumbled dearly 100 points and is setting off a moderate gold rush. >> investors are taking money out of the market and putting it into gold. >> earlier this year, the university of texas put $1 billion of its endowment into gold literally storing more than 6000 gold bars in a vault. president obama is hopeful. he is still holding out for a big deal of of $4 trillion in spending cuts than he still believes we should push for the biggest possible deal. >> republicans and democrats agree on one thing -- they will keep negotiating. >> we will stay in session every day. >> monday through sunday and get
6:35 am
this problem fixed. >> if all else fails, there is a plan b that would let the president raised the debt ceiling by himself that the plan does not cut the deficit so it could still cause rating agencies to downgrade the nation's credit. there are strong signs that the nfl locker is about to end. lawyers for both sides met for 8.5 hours in new york yesterday to close a deal. player representatives from each nfl team will meet in d.c. tomorrow to discuss details of the latest contract proposal. >> this is dependent on how close we are or what we think about the proposal. it could possibly be put to it votes. >> george wilson says there will not be an 18-game schedule and there will be a rookie salary cap. >> in the day ahead, some senators will launch an effort to repeal the defense of
6:36 am
marriage act. california democrat dianne feinstein will try to repeal the law defining marriage between a man and woman. a senate committee will hold a meeting on the current law and a similar effort is underway in the house. loudoun county leaders will vote today on a proposal that could lower the cost of the dulles road project. a plan by the u.s. transportation secretary would require the airport authority to support an above-ground station and it would also require loudoun and fairfax county to assume millions of dollars in costs that they had not anticipated. a big honor for johns hopkins hospital in baltimore -- >> for the 21st year in a row it has taken a tough spot in the annual ranking of u.s. hospitals. johns hopkins ranks first in five medical specialties which include neurology and neurosurgery urology
6:37 am
psychiatry, rheumatology, and the ear, nose, and quite a lot of accolades. >> still ahead much of the nation is sweltering in the grip of a heat wave. when will the scorching temperatures hit our area? >> first, more breaking news -- a water main break is tying up traffic in vienna. you can see live pictures.
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>> it is about 6:40 and the big story has been the weather. >> chief meteorologist doug hill is standing by to talk about that. we hope that the thunderstorms will provide some relief from this heat. the thunderstorm is a really but it will add more moisture to the air and there is no way to get around this situation in the next couple of days. it will be hot and humid. most of the rain activity is west of the metro area and heavier downpours are west of romney. a line of showers is trying to line up on the eastern side from frederick through westminster.
6:41 am
most of it will slide west of the area. once it slides by and goes through the boundary in the atmosphere will act as a point for more storms. 73 degrees in gaithersburg and 75 degrees in quantico and 80 degrees in annapolis. the amount of sunshine will determine how high the temperatures will get today. i think we will top 90 degrees again today and thunderstorms are a good bet for this afternoon and some of them could be severe. the heat and humidity start to build into tomorrow and the rest of the week. we will highlight that and tell you which one of the days will be the hottest and most humid coming up in about 10 minutes. >> not looking forward to that. how to the roadways look? they don't look too good if
6:42 am
you are in vienna. one of 23 and nutley street had a water main break. it looks like we have crews on the scene so expect delays at 123 and nutley street. let's go to duke street. there is an accident on the right shoulder. things are backed up to the beltway so you can expect delays on 395. at the springfield interchange it looks like it is not too good on a 95 north slowing between occoquan and from lorton up to newington. that is your traffic. >> it is
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>> the man suspected of murdering the prince george's mother and daughter was found guilty of carjacking, theft, and
6:45 am
other charges in connection with a series of home invasions of burglaries. he will be sentenced in october. he is scheduled to go on trial in november for the 2009 murders of delores derwood and her daughter. the guardian angels are patrolling a local track of them armed thieves have been preying on walkers and joggers all of metropolitan ridge trail in northeast washington. since the tents have been targeted in the morning the guardian angels are heading that trail. >> we will now have guardian angels coming out in the morning hours from 6:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the morning on different days of the week. it will be at least twice a week that the guardian angels have been patrolling the trail in the evening. 8 way it is gripping much of the nation this morning. right now 20 states are under heat warning or advisory.
6:46 am
>> in our area, it will get even hotter. jummy olabanji is live in northwest washington. good morning people across our area even in the early morning hours are drinking plenty of fluids and stopping in the shops in dupont circle and picking up something to drink. temperatures are already above 80 degrees where we are now and the temperature will rise as the day goes on. by the end of the week, it could feel like more than 100 degrees. yesterday in arlington, one hardware store was already sold out of their box fans. people were sweating in the hot temperatures and this is not the worst rate in the midwest, 20 states are under each warnings and advisories which is the worst they have seen in years. that heat is crippling their harvest and crippling people's houses.
6:47 am
many elderly people had to be taken to the hospital. in minnesota yesterday, the index was around 116 degrees. that was not the worst rate in iowa, the index was 126 degrees. they are sweating out there. some of that heat is headed our way. >> thank you. for weather updates around-the- clock, log onto our website just click on the weather ted. tab. the debt the debate is heating up on capitol hill. >> the house is set to vote on its own plan today. we have a preview. it looks like there is a mantra of cut cap, and balance. republicans are pushing to cut spending and get a balanced budget. it is all for show.
6:48 am
there's no question it will pass the house but it will not go to the senate and will not go to president obama. what is going on behind the scenes? that is still up in the air. >> we have heard so much about the reid plan and the mitch mcconnell plan. is there a likelihood that will be adopted? >> it looks like things could be going in that direction. many lawmakers are not that excited about it. it is a politician's answer to dealing with this. they avoid the tough choices. there is no real solution other than that in getting out of the default mess. the credit market is getting real nervous. politicians and lawmakers from both sides are looking at how they back down and get out of this. >> the august 2 deadline is coming up quickly. >> it is not for off on the credit markets are starting to notice. interest rates are going up and people are getting nervous. >> thank you so much. >> let's go back to our other
6:49 am
top story. it is that he and doug hill is with us. it is kind of muggy out there. without sunshine, it feels sticky out there. the cloud cover is a says it with rain west of the metro area and the sun will break through and we will be in the 90's. the highest temperatures will be here on friday. this is a time lapse from laurel. look at these temperatures, already well into the 70's and 80 degrees in herndon a law. of heavy rain overnight. -- a lot of heavy rain overnight. that rain will state west of the blue ridge. the couple of showers are trying to form over the northern section of carroll county.
6:50 am
the skies will clear bet and there is a bigger area of ribble across the area and later this afternoon, a slight chance of severe weather. the best chance of a severe storm will be across the mountains but even ease to the mountains near i-295, a slight chance of severe thunderstorms during the afternoon hours. we will break out of the cloudiness around midday and will not take long in july to destabilize the atmosphere. we should have done this from this afternoon with a westerly wind. through the late afternoon hours and the evening, it looks like the storms will linger and the highs will be handled low to mid 90' 95 tomorrow and thursday friday, and saturday will be the three hottest days. friday is shaping up to be the most uncomfortable. a danger is whether day for outdoor activity. adam will highlight those details and a few minutes.
6:51 am
that will do it for now. we have a little bit of sunshine outside it will remain rather cloudy for the next few hours. >> lots of changes heading our way, thank you so much. >> let's look at traffic with oscar wilson. we've got a water main break at 123 northbound before nutley street. the traffic is diverging on to a service road. be wary of that and you can expect delays if you are headed down 123. let's look at i-395 which has an accident northbound after duke street. it is on the right shoulder but things are backing up to the beltway. let's go over to 270 and things are slowing a bit at falls road. the bel pre looks ok.
6:52 am
-- the beltway looks ok. back to you. >>
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way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurarae. a good tuesday morning coming up here, rupert murdoch is facing a grilling from parliament today over the growing phone hacking scandal. could force him to give up control of his entire media
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empire? we will have answers for you. this morning team usa will join us live right here on "good morning, america"next . >> 6:55 and time to check this morning's top stories. part of route 29 in silver spring shut down while police investigate an overnight accident where a police cruiser and a car collided at the intersection with sligo creek parkway. the officer and two people in the car suffered non-life- threatening injuries. house is set to vote on a bill that would raise the debt ceiling in exchange for budget cuts and the adoption of a balanced budget amendment for it comes as president obama said talks on the debt reduction deal are progressing. then i have lost the championship at the u.s. world cup but they celebrated in new york's times square parade fans
6:56 am
gave the silver medalist a warm welcome on their return from germany last night. they deserve that. >> time for a last look at traffic and weather. let's go right to 123 northbound before nutley street. it looks like a broken water main. traffic is being diverted onto a service road. expect some delays if you are going over there. on 395, there was an accident northbound after duke street and landmark and that is backing things up to the beltway. that is your traffic. hot and muggy this week. it will only get hotter, dangerously hot toward the end of the week, triple digit temperatures with heat index values probably around 112 degrees today scattered afternoon storms. >> that will do it for us this morning.
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